Planning Ahead – Storage Tips

http://www.ballitoselfstorage.co.za/packaging Fill Boxes to Capacity: If you're going to stack boxes containing household items, fill them all to capacity. Otherwise, the boxes are likely to be crushed, which can cause damage to their contents. Buy Boxes that are the Same [...]

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Towing Regulations

http://www.ballitoselfstorage.co.za/trailers Trailer Rental The Tare (licence weight) of the vehicle, needs to be double that of the trailer (for trailers up to 750kg). In other words, for a 750kg trailer, the drawing vehicle must have a Tare of [...]

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National and Local Trailer Hire

http://www.ballitoselfstorage.co.za/trailers Trailer Rental We are proud to announce that we are now a Franchisee of National Trailer Hire. We rent out Trailers Locally and Nationally. The trailers are all open top goods trailers with a variety of sizes [...]

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